Rates & Memberships

Each of the memberships below require that you have either completed Learn2Lift or have been in touch with us previously about your experience. Click on Join to get started. Dropping in?

Smartphone access to the gym

If you have your own programming/coach and just need a place to work out. All prices are monthly with no contract but do require 30 days' notice to cancel.

$69....... 24/7
$49....... Weekends
$39....... The same single day each week M-F, you pick
$20....... 1 single visit

24/7 access to the gym
Custom strength programming
Email, IG, & IM Support

LIMITED AVAILABILITY. You get gym access, a custom program to follow, and access to a coach to answer questions via email or IM. Get an Instagram account and show your videos to a coach for movement review too. Add on in-person coaching sessions for the ultimate strength track. Requires 3 month commitment blocks. 

$159 per month