Welcome to NC Strength! Here’s what you need to know about the gym. We all share this space, so let's help keep it amazing.

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1. Please be advised that you are under 24/7 remote surveillance and audio/video recording while at the gym.

2. The music is controlled by a Kindle Fire tablet on the wall in the back of the gym. Wake the screen with the button on the left side, swipe up to unlock. Use Spotify. Feel free to change the music, but remember that everyone else has ears too.

3. All the lights are on automatic motion sensors. Please do not use the switches manually or block the switches. If you put the SSB in front of the lights, they may go out.

4. If the gym needs anything replaced or tended to, please email info@ncstrength.com right away so that we can take care of it.

5. The shelves at the front of the gym are for your bag, shoes, etc. so that they don’t take up space in the rest of the gym. 

6. If you want to be on the website feed, use the IG tag #ilovencstrength.

7. There are whiteboards all over the gym for you to use to record your program, sets, reps, etc.

8. There is a self service kiosk at the front of the gym for the items in the fridge. No IOU's please. Take what you like and you can easily pay via card. Do not put your own items in the fridge.

9. There are slingshots, hip circles, bench blokz, bands, and mini bands around for you to use as you please.

10. There is extra chalk underneath the fridge.

11. Only staff can update the gym leaderboard. You fit into the weight class you actually compete in. Get your lift approved by a state referee. Get multiple videos/angles if you're doing it without a referee present!