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Technique & Movement Coaching

Have you had experienced eyes look at your form?

Whether you're a complete beginner or someone who wants to brush up on their existing technique, we have the experience to get you moving better, and time well spent with a coach can accelerate your training tremendously. We have expertise in powerlifting, weightlifting, mountain biking, rock climbing, injury prevention/rehabilitation, and have worked with hundreds of other athletes to get them moving better. See our bios below.

Coaching Members get 50% off! After you schedule, use the link to pay & confirm your appointment. Ask about our discounted 3 pack for first time clients!

Custom Programming & Coaching

Does your programming consider your goals, strengths, and weaknesses?

A coaching membership at NC Strength offers you access to a highly experienced coach to help guide your athletic journey. We’re here to provide you with custom programming that supports and targets your goals and weak points, offer advice on movement, nutrition, supplements, guide you through competition, and hold you accountable. You get a free movement session when you start with us and all additional sessions are 50% off so that we can dial your technique in perfectly, one on one. We’ve worked with complete beginners and athletes who compete on the international and national levels. We do however take these relationships seriously and only work with those who are dedicated and passionate about improving. You don’t need to be strong or experienced, but you do need to want it, badly. Schedule a FREE consultation below to see if we might be a good fit. Coaching has limited availability.


Our Coaches


Rob Rykowski, MA, CSCS, USAPL, USAW
Owner & Strength Coach

His sports:
Powerlifting 93KG - 551/343/684
Mountain Biking - Pisgah
Rock Climbing - V5/5.11+
Obstacle Course Racing

USAPL State Record Holder
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
USAPL Club Coach
USAPL State Referee
USAPL National-level competitor  
USA Weightlifting Sport Coach    
CrossFit Level 1 Coach
Head Coach, CrossFit Watch City
Spartan Obstacle Course Specialist            
FMS Movement Specialist
GROW Model sport performance coach
BS, MA, Communication

Rob was overweight all throughout childhood. When he was 19 he dedicated himself to fitness and weight loss and has been helping others as a coach since 2007. He first opened CrossFit Watch City, a successful strength-focused gym in Boston that worked closely with USA Powerlifting MA. He then moved to Cary and started NC Strength to focus on all the benefits strength has to offer.

He has competed and coached (drug-free) powerlifters at the national level and worked with D1 Athletic teams like North Eastern Swimming and Diving. He has coached mountain bikers, rock climbers, hockey players, and athletes from most field sports. He's also competed in swimming, lacrosse, mountain biking, running, weightlifting, CrossFit, and OCR. 

With a  a deep understanding of sport communication and coaching psychology, he delivers results with a patience and clarity that continually finds clients surprising themselves.

Spotlight Testimonial - Lori, State Record Holder

I wanted to thank you for completely changing pretty much everything about my bench press! I have done two workouts since our session last week and have enjoyed the changes. The best result, very little pain from that aggravated right arm.

Before our session, I mentioned anything over 240 lbs was hit and miss. 242.5 was my enemy. Not today! I warmed up, 135 x 5, 185 x 3, 225 x 2 and then 245 x 1. No problem, good speed and NO PAIN!!!

I also want to say how much I enjoyed your teaching style. Your drawings helped, you let me ask questions and gave me space to work it out during the session. I will be back. My next goal it to set a new M1b American Record in December. The current one is 120 kg (264.6 lbs). I have hit 260 lbs twice. Based on how good 245 felt today, I think with some smart programming, and your keen eye, I could break that record. I have hope that it’s possible now.


Eric Hoeckberg, MS, CSCS, USAWL2
Strength Coach

His sports:
Weightlifting 109KG – 260KG Total

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
USAW Level 2 Coach
BS, MS Exercise Science & Physical Education
FMS Movement Specialist Level 1 & 2
ACSM Exercise Physiologist
NSAM Corrective Exercise Specialist

Eric grew up in Germany and played Soccer all through High School. He developed his love for fitness and strength at the age of 15. He switched from Soccer to Football in college due to his size and played Fullback throughout his college career.

He got recruited for Bobsled which started his love for Olympic Weightlifting as it’s one of the major training tools in Bobsled. He has been working in the Fitness, Health and Strength industry for 15 years, coaching in a variety of environments like Div. 1 S&C as well as rehabilitation facilities. He has been a Weightlifting Coach for 4yrs and competed for 6yrs. He’s coached multiple athletes to national level competitions.