Real Words, Real People.


I am one of Rob’s biggest fans! There are so many things that make Rob a great coach. Just to name a few he is incredibly knowledgeable (about A LOT of stuff), his attention to detail and observation, his incredible patience when he is reviewing each movement, his persistent cheerleading. But the thing that makes Rob such a remarkable coach is that no matter how much you think you can’t do something, Rob knows you can. 
- Ronnie

I’m not into gyms.  I like to be active, but hate “working out.”  That said, Rob’s creativity and energy made it fun!  And I loved the results, I feel healthier and much stronger, and the most important part for me…it was actually fun!
- Kol

After being inspired by several life changing experiences, I began searching for a training option to lose weight. At the age of 56, and having physically worked for 38 years I had been struggling with shoulder pain and lower back problems. I spent a few months researching gyms in the area, even visiting them to speak with the owners and trainers. I still maintain a very physical work schedule, and made sure to express my concern with getting hurt or being unable to work. Rob was the only trainer to take the time to understand my concern, educate me in the process, and give me an idea of what to expect. He reviewed my past history (daily activity rate, past injuries, and overall general health) to help me set a realistic goal for my weight loss. Rob crafted a program for me, and he coached me at my own pace. Rob’s knowledge, passion, and commitment to making sure that form and execution of the movements is more important than the amount of weight used, has enabled me to work hard without the fear of injury. In just 5 months under Rob’s supervision, I have lost 30 pounds, regained total movement in my shoulder and I no longer suffer from lower back pain. My story is not unique, as I have seen the results he has had with other people. However, without Rob and his gym, I would not be where I am today. I believe in Rob’s passion and commitment, and am grateful for the knowledge he has bestowed upon me.
- Gary

Rob took his time to help understand all the movements, and the best way to complete the exercises most efficiently. If I did something wrong he would come over and teach me what I was doing wrong, why it was wrong, and how it would be detrimental in my goal of getting the best results possible. He never advocated for unrealistic goals, he would always say “everything in small steps adds up to a whole.” This was refreshing to hear. Rob’s work ethic, caring and compassion for his clients is a testament to his level of training and expertise.
- John

Rob is the best! He’s a great coach – so patient and attentive, and he’s helped me do things I never thought possible! He takes the time to carefully walk through movements and stress form over weight, and he’s always really encouraging. It’s obvious that he cares a lot about every athlete he works with. He genuinely shares in your excitement when you finally reach a goal weight or movement and it just makes for a great experience.
- Aubrey

All the way through college, I was a team sport athlete. The camaraderie of the team, the thrill of competition and the constant practices kept me in great shape. Then I entered the real world, sat behind a desk for 8 hours and bad habits crept into my life. That all changed when I met Rob. Starting with my first personal training session, I found working out with Rob to be what I needed. Active coaching, easy-to-learn safety tips and his calm push towards my goal helped me get in better shape for my fall wedding. With Rob’s unique and personal coaching style, it's what I look forward to each day. I am no longer going to a gym, I am having a fitness experience.
- Jaime

I was never aware of the food I was putting in my body, how my body processed it and how my body could move. I’ve been educated and have been living a much healthier life. I’m raising my kids with the right mindset to have a healthy generation. I thank you for giving me the information and showing me the way.
- Jessica

I’ve been working with Rob for several months now and throughout that time he’s proven to be a very knowledgeable and dedicated coach. He is very good at assessing your skill level as an athlete and creating programming that suits your ability level. Rob’s persistent input about the mechanics and the “why” behind each type of training, fosters a real sense of ownership over the entire process. I’m looking forward to working with him for years to come.
- Kai

This is a small milestone for many, but a huge milestone for me, I ran a mile without stopping, no walking, in 9:25! I haven’t been able to run a mile since I was 13 (which was 18 years ago – I’m old!), which is a huge testament to your coaching and support during my first several months – thank you!
- Lindsey

When I arrived, I was greeted by, Rob, whose Ivan Drago-esque physique gave me some pause - F#$%! This was exactly the kind of meathead I did NOT want to meet! What became immediately apparent, however, was that in addition to being an incredible athlete, Rob was also smart, articulate, and uber-concerned about safety. Right off the bat he asked if I had any injuries that he should know about. I told him about my back issues and he promised we could work around it. Long story short, he made good on his promise.
I've made gains that I have never thought I could make (e.g. a 300# deadlift after a decade of avoiding the exercise) and I've escaped the workout-injury cycle that I'd been stuck in for years. 

- Tomas